Scientific Track

zondag 26 juni 2022 van 13:30 tot 14:30

13.30-13.35u Timothy Granthigh satisfaction by eye care practitioners with daily disposable contact lenses with smartsurface® technology

13.35-13.40u Amanda Bogers: Encouraging young adults into contact lens wear

13.40-13.45u Michal VymyslickySubjective Performance of Verofilcon A Daily Disposable Soft Contact Lens After 16 Hours of Wear

13.45-13.50u Aftab MirzaClinical performance of spherical vs. toric soft contact lenses in low and moderate astigmats

13.50-13.55u Marcella McParland: Wearer experience and eye care professional acceptance with a new 1 day multifocal contact lens.

13.55-14.00u Holly Lorentz: Visual Analog Scale Results of a New Silicone Hydrogel Material (Lehfilcon A)

14.00-14.05u Holly Lorentz: Clinical Performance Results of the New Lehfilcon A Silicone Hydrogel Contact Lens

14.05-14.10u Inma Perez: Survey of U.S. Eye Care Professionals and Patient Satisfaction with Verofilcon A Daily Disposable Silicone Hydrogel Contact Lenses for Astigmatism

14.10-14.15u Inma Perez: Patient and ECP satisfaction with new daily disposable toric contact lenses with SMARTSURFACE® technology

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