Dutch Association of Contact lens suppliers (NAC)

The NAC is the interest group of suppliers of contact lenses and contact lens care products in the Netherlands. It represents the industry to the Dutch government, other organizations in the industry and is part of the European organization for contact lens suppliers, Euromcontact.

The NAC promotes cooperation between its members in market research, the establishment of the NCC, and self-regulation in advertising and relations with contact lens specialists and others involved in the sale of contact lenses and care products.

Members of the NAC are: AMO, Alcon, Bausch & Lomb, CooperVision, Ercon Friederichs, Johnson & Johnson, NKL, Oté Optics and Procornea.

Code of conduct for the optics sector

As of January 1, 2018, the so-called ban on favoritism was introduced in the Medical Devices Act. This prohibition means that those involved in the fitting and dispensing of medical devices must be prevented from being improperly influenced by financial incentives from suppliers. This prohibition has been in place for several decades in the pharmaceutical sector.

The government encourages self-regulation to comply with the statutory regulations. Optic products are medical devices that fall within the scope of legal rules. Given the specific characteristics of the optical sector, the NAC, NAB and NUVO have decided to agree on their own Code of Conduct for the Favourable Use of Opticians. This Code of Conduct implements the statutory ban on showing favoritism. Making an offer of prohibited gratuities or accepting such an offer by an eyecare professional is therefore prohibited. The Code of Conduct concerns the conditions under which suppliers of contact lenses and spectacle lenses may enter financial relationships with opticians, contact lens specialists, optometrists, ophthalmologists and others involved in the fitting and sale of optical products (hereinafter referred to as: eye care professionals). This concerns conditions under which eye care professionals can be hired to provide services, what marketing items can be given away and what hospitality can be provided when eye care professionals are invited to participate in a conference or information meeting. In addition, rules are set for sponsoring projects in which eye care professionals are involved. The rules regarding favoritism are reciprocal.

The Code of Conduct for the favorable to the optical Industry can be consulted here. Anyone who believes that a supplier of optical products does not comply with these rules can submit a complaint by email to the secretariat of the NAC (email address: [email protected]). The NAC secretariat will assess the complaint and contact those involved to ensure compliance with the Code of Conduct.

The Code of Conduct favorable to the optical sector can be requested at the NAC.

Members of the NAB are: Carl Zeiss Vision Nederland B.V., B.V. Nederlandse Optische Industrie ENOT, Essilor Nederland B.V., Holland Optical Company B.V., Hoya Lens Nederland B.V. and Rodenstock Benelux B.V.


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