Postponement NCC 'Beyond 2020' conference

Has the NCC 2020 congress been cancelled?

No, the congress has not been canceled, but has been postponed to: March 13-14, 2022.


When will the new NCC congress take place?

On Sunday 13 and Monday 14 March 2022.

Is my ticket also valid in 2022?

Yes, if you do nothing, the ticket is automatically valid on March 13 and/or 14, 2022. Please note! You will receive a confirmation email from us asking you to register again on the website to receive a new ticket that gives you access to the NCC 2022.

Why should I not cancel my ticket?

If you don't cancel your ticket, you are guaranteed a ticket to the NCC 2022, you don't have to pay additional costs.

Can I transfer my ticket to another person?

Yes, a ticket can easily be transferred and/or adjusted via 'My NCC' account. The tickets can be downloaded 1 week before the congress via 'My NCC'.


Can I cancel my ticket free of charge?

Unfortunately, it is no longer possible to cancel your 2020 tickets free of charge. If you want to cancel them at this time, you can do this via My NCC, you will then receive a credit note. Please note that an administration fee of 35 euros will be charged for canceling your registration. This will be automatically deducted from your refund.
Did you pay by credit card? Then keep the following information at hand: IBAN number and BIC/Swift code. If you live outside the EU, follow the on-screen instructions.

If this does not work, please contact the organisation: info@contactlenscongress.com


I canceled my 2020 ticket, can I order a new ticket?

Yes, this is possible, you can re-register via the website and register under the conditions and prices applicable for 2022.

I have not created a My NCC account, how do I receive my ticket?

If you have kept your 2020 tickets, you will automatically receive an email about this.

Can I bring my hotel reservation to the 2022?

If you have booked your room via the special event link on the website of the NCC at NH Koningshof, it was possible to move the reservation to the new date in 2022 until July 16 free of charge. Please contact the hotel for questions via groups.nhkoningshof@nh-hotels.com stating your reservation number (7XXXXXXX or 8XXXXXXX).

I have not responded to previous emails from NH Koningshof to move my reservation. Can I still do that now?

If you have booked your room via the special event link on the NCC website for March 2020, you have been notified at the moment the NCC was moved and you had the option to move your reservation. In the absence of a response, this reservation has expired. However, NH Koningshof offers to move this reservation to March 2022 for an administration fee (if available). Please contact NH Koningshof via groups.nhkoningshof@nh-hotels.com stating your reservation number.

Room reservations

Can I cancel my hotel room?

Please contact NH Koningshof via groups.nhkoningshof@nh-hotels.com stating your reservation number (7XXXXXXX or 8XXXXXXX).
If you have booked another hotel (not via the special congress link), you should contact this hotel directly.

I have not booked my room via the special event link of NH De Koningshof, can I still cancel my booking?

Please contact your booking organization for this.

I booked my hotel room via the special event link, but I have not yet received a response from NH De Koningshof?

Please contact NH Koningshof yourself via groups.nhkoningshof@nh-hotels.com, stating your reservation number (7XXXXXXX or 8XXXXXXX).

I am registered but I also want to stay overnight. Where and how can I book a hotel room?

The NCC is organized in the NH Conference Center Koningshof in Veldhoven. This hotel has 509 rooms. You can book a room in the hotel via the following link: www.contactlenscongress.com. We expect a high number of attendees so book on time.


I only want to cancel a single ticket from my group order?

This is no problem. You can cancel the entire group booking at once or an individual ticket from the group booking via My NCC account.

How do I get the invoice for my order?

You can choose this when placing your order via your My NCC account.

I am a student but I do not have a student card?

If you do not have a student card, you can also upload another document (invoice, proof of registration from the educational institution). It is important that your name, the study program and the academic year are stated on it.

The NCC website does not work properly on my computer/tablet/phone?

In that case, we advise you to try another browser (such as Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox).

How do I register myself?

Registering for the NCC beyond 2022 is very easy. Registration can be done via the website www.contactlenscongress.com. On this website you can indicate which package you want to book: 

  1. Business pack (Access Sunday 13 and Monday 14 March 2022 and access to the party evening incl. dinner on Sunday 13 March 2022), 
  2. Access Sunday 13 March 2022 
  3. Access Monday 14 March 2022 
  4. Access to the party evening incl. dinner on March 13, 2022 

After choosing your package, there are several ways to pay. After payment, you will receive your E-Ticket in My NCC a week before the conference. You can download it, print it and bring it with you to the congress.

How can I pay?

The NCC offers different payment options. Please note that there are additional costs associated with some payment methods. These costs are clearly noted in the options.

What is MultiSafepay?

Paying with MultiSafepay is very simple. You will receive your orders in your email and you pay afterwards what you want to keep. No hassle with paying in advance or waiting for return money. On behalf of MultiSafepay you will receive an invoice which you can pay within 14 days. Very handy!

Can I also pay by invoice?

The NCC offers many payment options and whichever payment option you choose, you will always receive an invoice. If you want to register a group, we offer the option to pay by invoice. Please note that additional administration costs will be charged for paying by invoice.

VAT Reversed Charged?

The NCC takes place in the Netherlands and so the legislation of the Netherlands applies. So for all visitors, the entrance tickets for the congress are taxed with (Dutch) VAT. All tickets are ordered via the regular ticket system and the entrance fees are not included in the stand rental, this means that no visitor (including the Belgian visitor with a stand during the conference) is eligible for the reverse charge. So everyone who orders tickets must pay Dutch VAT (21%).

Where can I find the Chamber of Commerce (Chamber of Commerce) and VAT number?

Both the Chamber of Commerce (44153846) and VAT (NL007393349B01) number are printed on the automatically generated invoice.

Why do I need to create a My NCC account?

Simple: You only have to fill in a few details once and these will be filled in on your next visit (also your KP or KABIZ number) 
Easy: You can download your e-tickets at a later time. 
Handy: You can view your order history. 
Smart: You can add any information (eg KP/KABIZ) to your account later so that you never have to look it up again. 

The data is treated very confidentially as described in the Privacy Statement. This is based on the EU regulations that have been in force since May 2017.

I have registered myself for a lecture / workshop, but I prefer to follow another lecture can I change this?

Registration entitles you to access the entire congress and you don't have to be registered separately prior to a lecture or workshop. In general, whoever comes first serves the first. When there is a lot of enthusiasm (crowded room) for a lecture, the organization can decide to repeat the lecture or workshop.

I registered and paid for 1 day and would like to come another day. How do I do that?

Go to your My NCC account, log in and you can make an extra purchase such as access for an extra day or to the party evening incl. dinner. You can then pay for this extra purchase in the way you prefer. Note: you will receive a new E-Ticket! Bring the correct one to the congress.

I have registered for the congress but not for the party evening including dinner, I would like to go there, is that still possible?

Go to My NCC, log in and here you can purchase a ticket for the party evening including dinner. There is also space here to make known food allergies or special dietary requirements. You can then pay for this extra purchase in the way you prefer. Please note, you will receive a new E-Ticket. Bring the correct one to the conference.

I haven’t been at all to the congress or I haven’t been all days, can I get my money back?

If, regardless of the circumstances, you have not been able to come all days or not at all, it is not possible to recover the missed day(s).

I am registered and have paid but I have not received tickets or invoice by email?

1 Week before the conference you will receive a final email and your ticket(s) will be ready in My NCC. Mail not received? Please check your SPAM box. If you have not received the email and there are no tickets in My NCC, please send an email with the order number to info@contactlenscongress.com and we will check it for you.

I would like to receive my KP/KABIZ points. How does that work?

You can enter your KB / Kabiz number in My NCC. 

  1. You will receive a proof of participation within one month after the congress has ended. The number of credits is 7.5 points before March 14 and 6.5 points for the KBIZ register
  2. KP register before March 15: The number of credits is 6 points before March 14 and 5.5 points before March 15. 
  3. No number, no certificate. Reporting afterwards is not possible.
I forgot to enter my KP/KBIZ or I entered my KP/KBIZ number incorrectly. Can I still change this?

In My NCC you can change your details and enter this information.


My question is not listed, what should I do?

We try to answer as many questions as possible via the website, but you may have more questions. The following e-mail addresses can be used for this: 
For general questions: info@contactlenscongress.com 
For questions about the exhibition: exhibition@contactlenscongress.com

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